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Benefits of Trans D Tropin! 

Trans D Tropin - Restore Human Growth Hormone with Trans-D Anti-Aging HGH Releaser Your Health is Influenced by the Hormones in Your Body, Therfore, Good Levels of Hormones Will Mantain Good Health.  

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Important Note About Trans D Tropin:  

There are some scams out there claiming to have a new Trans D Tropin. The only information and any anti-aging products that might be available and Endorsed by Dr. Buttar are provided solely on the infoonaging website here.  

Trans D Tropin GHr - Health in a Bottle.

Growth hotmone is essential to health and vitality for several reasons. Not only does it promote the creation of lean muscle mass, eliminate unnecessary fat and give you a more youthful appearance, it’s also essential for every cell in your body to regenerate and grow.

Trans D Tropin in a Bottle!  Trans D Tropin or (TDT) is a growth hormone releaser (GHr) in a form of a cream/lotion that literally  comes in a bottle which makes it much easier to use and no longer you will have to deal with painful artificial Growth Hormone injections or pills. You just rub it onto your skin and within minutes you will feel the effects as it goes directly into your blood stream. Trans-D  was created by Dr. Rashid Buttar and the product is known worldwide and used by thousands of people, doctors, athletes, and celebrities. 

How Does Trans D Tropin Work? 

Let’s be clear Trans D Tropin is not a synthetic groth hormone but rather a natural growth hormone releaser (GHr) and when applied to the surface of the skin, once into the bloodstream it transmits a signal to the pituitary gland to become active by producing and releasing human growth hormone into the body. This is actually occurring in a natural fashion as the growth hormone that is released is your own endogenous (your own body hormones). All the ingredients are natural and it will not have any unnecessary awful side effects and the results are astonishing. If you’re interested in the possibility of increasing life span, improving functionality and getting healthier, then you need to experience Trans D Tropin firsthand.

What Is The Downside of Using Growth Hormone Injections?  

The problem with regular Growth Hormone therapy, other than the cost, is that it injects artificial levels of Growth Hormone into the body without considering the natural physiological limits imposed by the hypothalamus. Long term use of it could have severe side effects that could cause cancer.

Is Trans D Tropin Better than GH Injections?

Instead of artificially raising Growth Hormone levels, Trans-D-Tropin mimics the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. Which is why it is called a GHRH-Analog, or a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog.

Which means this: TDT signals for the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone. So instead of injecting foreign levels of artificial Growth Hormone in the body, you are actually signaling for the production of YOUR OWN growth hormone. Because of this, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERDOSE. If GH levels rise too high, the hypothalamus will react by releasing a little somatostatin. In other words, your own body will keep levels in check (Growth Hormone will be at maximum levels...but safely so).

This CANNOT be done with regular GH therapy. After all, if you're injecting GH into your body, it doesn't matter how much somatostatin your hypothalamus releases, it can't stop the needle from putting more GH into your body. You are violating the negative feedback loop that keeps your body safe.

In a multi-centered, double-blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study done with 53 participants (all of them OVER 30 years old), Trans-D-Tropin raised natural Growth Hormone levels an astounding average of 631.46% within 90 minutes of application of the cream. This was the FIRST application of Trans-D. Now you might be thinking: “Did these results last?” Very good question. The answer is: No. After 5 weeks of applying Trans-D Tropin regularly, Growth Hormone levels increased 1754.22%! However, at 8 weeks, levels “dropped” to a “mere” 609.40% over regular baseline levels. Which is why in this video Dr. Buttar recommends taking a week-long break from using TDT every 4 weeks or so...this will reset the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, and the peaks in hGH levels will resume immediately. 

Can I Use Trans D Tropin and GH Injections at the Same Time?

If you are currently using injection treatments or secretagogue treatments and wish to change to Trans-D Tropin®, the recommendation is to stop the original treatments, wait at least 2 weeks but preferably one month, and then start on Trans-D. This allows for enough time to eliminate the effects of the human growth hormone injections and allows for a wash out period to re-prime the hypothalamic pituitary axis.


Take a look at this video and listen to Dr. Buttar live presentation. He explains in details what Trans D Tropin is and how it can benefit you.

Here are some of the patients testimonials who are using Transd Tropin and benefiting by improving their health. To view and hear what these people have to say, just watch the video below.

Benefits Achived When Using Trans D Tropin: The benefits that you're getting from Trans D Tropin are tremendous and the results may be felt within days. TDT provides the greatest results possible and it is the only natural Human growth hormone releaser that actually works. When utilizing a releaser such as TDT, you will observe a general change in energy and stamina, a quicker healing and recuperating time from injuries, improvement with memory, elevated lean muscle mass, much deeper sleep with vivid dreams, reduced facial lines, a much improved skin complexion and an enhanced libido.

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